EIOPA Stress Test 2018-2019

EIOPA Stress Test 2018-2019

EIOPA plans to release a stress test report in January 2019.

Regular tool

Stress tests are one of the regular supervisory tools used to assess the resilience of the insurance sector.

2018 Test

The 2018 exercise is tailored to assess the vulnerability of the European insurance sector to specific adverse scenarios and will be based on a sample of 42 insurance groups. The scenarios encompass a wide range of risks, including market and insurance specific risks. Providing more insight into potential vulnerabilities from a financial stability perspective.

Cyber risk

In addition to the adverse scenarios, a separate investigation on the potential implications of cyber risks will be included. As a result the report will also cover this.

October 2018 Finalisation of quality assurance of undertakings’ data by national supervisory authorities (NSAs) and validation by EIOPA
​January 2019 ​Publication of the stress test report

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