IFRS 17 – Feedback statement

IFRS 17 – Feedback statement

Core measurement approach
“The Board confirmed the core measurement
approach proposed in the 2010 and 2013 Exposure
Drafts and took a number of steps to address the
feedback on the determination of the inputs for the
measurement of insurance contracts.
The following pages include further information
about the steps taken by the Board.
The Board also developed a simplified approach
to measure some simpler insurance contracts
(see 5.3—Premium allocation approach).”

Contract Boundaries
“The Board confirmed the revised proposal in
the 2013 Exposure Draft and decided to provide
additional guidance on the definition of contract
boundary. In particular, the application guidance
of IFRS 17 specifies the cash flows that are included
within the contract boundary and those that are

Please find the PDF here.

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